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Pediatric Urgent Care Consultation

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What are common symptoms which
may be treated with an Urgent Care Consultation:

  • Your child has fever accompanied by cold-like symptoms
  • Your child has had a cold for more than a week without improvement
  • You suspect your child may have an ear infection; symptoms include drainage from the ear, earache and pulling on the ears
  • Your child has a sore throat; with or without white patches on the tonsils
  • You suspect your child may have pink eye; symptoms include red, inflamed eyes with or without discharge
  • Your child has had a few episodes of vomiting or diarrhea (without blood in the stool) but has no belly pain or signs of dehydration
  • Your suspect your child may have a urinary tract infection; symptoms include pain upon urination, urinating small amounts frequently, and foul-smelling urine

How can KS Pediatrics help my child if there are urgent concerns?

Our specialist will see your child within 15 minutes; or schedule an appointment the same day.

The appointment will take place via telemedicine.